Air Controlled Mechanical Flowmeter

Air controlled mechanical flowmeters transmit data r eceived when product flows
by the capacitive sensors placed in the entrance of the pr oduct input apparatus in
the conditioning machine input to the flow meter device. The electro valve opens
and water flows, due to the flow ball in the flow glass. The desir ed amount of flow
is adjusted by the input valve, the numbers on the flow glass determining the lower
and upper levels, and indicating the flow rate. F or example; if there is 50/500 glass
mounted on the flowmeter, that means there is a minimum of 50 and maximum of
500 litres of flow. In addition to that, this device can also be used in warm water
flows, too. Provides water flow up to a maximum of 30°.

Flow Glass Types:
15/150 - 30/300 - 50/500 -100/1000 -150/1500