Flow Controlled Hecto Liter Automatic Dampening Systems -PLC Type

Not only the automatic dampening
systems could be used and operated
through operators over the equipment
but also it has characteristics to be
controlled with the PLC in the manner
to communicate continuously by
means of the central command system.


The volume flow of the wheat entering into the system is measured
with the sensitivity 2% and its humidity is measured with ±0,3 sensitivity
between 7/25%. At this stage, it is required to fix it at a certain
humidity value in order to obtain better products with higher quality.
The targeted humidity rate should be specified according to the flow
amount of the material in the system and the water intake should be
then calculated accordingly in order to bring the wheat to the desired
humidity level and then this water should be transferred into the
The automatic dampening systems calculate the quantity of water
to be taken into the system automatically and realize the transfer of
the specified amount of water into the system automatically as well.
It is possible to control the water to be taken either automatically or
manually by means of servo valve.
The flow of the water to pass through the system is measured sensitively
with the help of an electronic meter