PLC Controlled Extraction Rate Panel

Grain flow rate, sufficient for preventing vibration occuring during
product discharging cycle, is accurately ( 0.3 %) measured in kg per
hour by means of extraction rate scales with 3 loadcells.
The extraction rate control unit is used for weighing products such
as wheat, flour, bran etc. It provides continuous control of product
yield rates.
The Extraction rate scales operation starts with the product filling
the measuring-container. The product enters the container under
control by means of the flap which controls access to the container.
The measuring process is carried out, and the stabilization time
controlled by load cells located at three points on the measuring
container. When the required level is reached the upper flap is
closed. On completion of the measuring process, the measured
product is released to the line via the opening flaps located under
the container.
Flaps allowing product to be discharged to the bunker, and the
bunker lids which empty the bunker all work pneumatically. Also,
there are covers positioned on the scales component and both
sides of the upper bunker in order to facilitate the cleaning of the
extraction rate weighing machine. These covers are sufficiently
large to allow cleaning and maintenance, and they are also fitted
with gaskets in order to provide leak proofing when closed.
Reports can be taken in hourly, 8 hourly, daily, weekly,
monthly and yearly periods. In the event of a fault,
remote access can be provided via the internet to
intervene malfunctions.