Automatıc Vıtamın Machıne

Chrome and Electrostatic Powder Coating Options

Precision PLC Controlled Product Mixture

Reports can be transferred to the desired PC as an option.

Instant, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual Reports can be taken.

In case of malfunction, remote access can be provided via internet and intervention can be made.

Machine control can be done through the SCADA system via HMI on the machine as can be made.

Optionally, The Upper Can Be Treated In The Storage Volume.

Representation Of The Amount Of Vitamin That Is Used

Upper Storage Level Control

User Warning Information

Error reporting and control

Machine Status, A Warning Lamp Is Lighted The Colon

Are entered by the operator via SCADA HMI panel or the amount of vitamin.

150 g/s to 15000 G/s a mixture of the product is provided.

Optionally, There May Be Changes In These Values.

Scale The Output To Automatically Set The Amount Of The Connecting Mixture.

The Quality Of The Product, In Order To Increase Efficiency And Control The Desired Amount Of The Mixture Is Made And Is A System Designed To Contribute To The Production.

According to the values entered on the computer or on the HMI operator panel you can make a mixture of the desired product. The product mix of total grams/hour can be entered by giving.