PFC Compensation Panels are Inner Covered

The sheet parts of our boards are being manufactured at the worldwide standards
by means of the latest technology. The sheets which are used in our products are
products of Erdemir and in appropriate quality in compliance with the 6112 DIN EN
10130–99 DC01 norms for DKP sheet, 1311 DIN EN 10142–00 DX51 D+Z norms
for galvanized sheet and 304 or 316 (1,430 1) norms for stainless sheets.
The case-by-case basis labeling and cable color coding processes are carried
out and performed in our boards for the purposes of assembly easiness, problem
detection, rapid intervention with the problem / failure and problem solving.
The electric boards which are produced by us are tested and certified up to 5000 A.
In addition to this, our boards ensure protection under the IP45 – IP65 conditions
against the dust particle other leakages to come from outside.
All of the sheet parts and switch material groups from among the materials which
are used in the manufacturing works of ENDUSTRIYEL, type tested and TSE
certified electric boards are the branded products with the worldwide standards.

Note: Special panels which we call external type for exterior envir onments
are made.