Feed Plant Automation Systems

The flow charts of all of the departments could be followed
through computers starting from the raw material intake to the
system in the feed plants up to the entry and like dosing, breaking,
mixing, molasses addition and the full automation of the factory
is ensured by means of making decision on its own with the
information received into the automation system.
The production process is realized and performed by means of
entering the information such as daily production plan, finished
product flow, finished product order and silo number etc. During
the pellet making process, the criteria such as flow, vapor and
temperature are continually followed and the homogenous
feed production process is ensured. According to the molasses
passing period, the molasses quantity per unit time is adjusted
Except for the general automation process which is implemented
in the feed plants, again the local automatons such as molasses
automation of the feed plants, pellet press automation, PLC
controlled dosing/mixing system could be successfully added into
the relevant system as well.
The feed plants automation system is also controlled through
internet and reporting and technical service assistance could be
provided as well.