Macaroni Production Line Automation Systems

It is the fundamental target to ensure managing all of the processes
in the macaroni production by means of the automatic control
system through this PCL – SCADA type automatic application
which is developed for the customers making macaroni production
By means of this application developed, a series of processes
such as the smartest control of the macaroni production process,
planning the production stages and control of the production
stages and observing and monitoring them instantly and
retrospectively could be now realized by means such SCADA and
operator panels ensuring communication between the human and
machines, called HMI (Human Machine Interface). Thanks to this
system, all of the sensors, pneumatic and hydraulic all kinds of
equipments, action and position controls, robots, reporting, power
units (MCC) remote controls etc lots of factors which could be
necessary in such production process are under the control of this
automation application.
Whenever this automation application is taken into operation,
the instant data of the machines taking part in the system (such
as current, product quantity passing in unit time, weight and
temperature etc values) could be followed and monitored both
instantly and retrospectively and in real time through the SCADA
display screen.